22. 5. 2020

The majority owner and leader of the group, Mr. Sebastian P. Wagner, buys through Winning SW Holding s.r.o. the remaining 30% stake from WINNING ABS s.r.o., which is owned by Mr. Ing. Pavel Absolín. Winning SW Holding s.r.o. became the 100% owner of the holding Winning Group a.s. on 14.05.2020

Pavel Absolín will continue to work on current tasks and projects within the Winning Group a.s. and will move from the Board of Directors to the Supervisory Board within the statutory bodies of the company.
“I thank Pavel for his excellent work in founding our company group and I am glad that he will continue to fulfill his current tasks in the Winning Group,” said Sebastian P. Wagner.

“Selling shares does not change anything for me. This is the fulfillment of the vision that Sebastian and I sketched in our beginnings in 2015. I look forward to the time of opportunities that await us and I believe that with my experience I will be able to add a hand to the work “, concluded Pavel Absolín.

21. 3. 2021

You can learn more about Sebastian Wagner, his company Winning Group and the connection in the automotive industry with Křetinský and EPI in the article WIN-WIN GAME, which was published in the magazine Forbes / 03.

9. 1. 2021

Winning Group and EP industries have bought the German company SONA BLW in a joint venture. It will be integrated into the existing company holding under the name Winning Automotive.

8. 12. 2020

EP INDUSTRIES TO PARTNER IN WINNING AUTOMOTIVE 8th of December 2020 Remscheid / Germany, Prague / Czech Republic and Brno / Czech Republic