We believe in the power of creative people and create an environment in which ideas and conceptions get realized.

Team cooperation between Winning Group companies.



The Winning Group approach is based on choosing the best managers, creative personalities, with whom we collaborate on successful projects. Thanks to this approach, the holding keeps growing.

Petr Křůmal

Executive director of Winning PS – Pamstav

„When I joined Pamstav four years ago, we started from scratch. We have built a company with a turnover of over 0.5 billion crowns a year.“

Ondřej Vlček

Static Calculations Office Manager /CAD Winning Steell

„I joined Winning Steel as its first employee. After five years, we employ 60 designers and we keep growing dynamically.“

Zuzana Hodáňová

Architect and Sales Manager, Winning Estate

„I was the first employee of Winning Estate. We started with a small project, now we are working on a few bigger ones. It’s a very dynamic and creative environment.“


9. 1. 2021

Winning Group and EP industries have bought the German company SONA BLW in a joint venture. It will be integrated into the existing company holding under the name Winning Automotive.

8. 12. 2020

EP INDUSTRIES TO PARTNER IN WINNING AUTOMOTIVE 8th of December 2020 Remscheid / Germany, Prague / Czech Republic and Brno / Czech Republic