Fresh approach to traditional industry.

Fresh approach to traditional industry.

Winning Group rests on a logical principle – we only do business in the fields we understand, and only invest in companies we are able to strategically develop. We never stifle the original life at the companies we acquire, but instead blend our own know-how with their original philosophy to find a tailor-made vision for each of them.

We are successfully applying this approach primarily in engineering, construction, and development on the Czech and German markets. Our companies specialise in precision fittings for the automotive industry, are general suppliers for the construction industry, perform structural analysis for large structures and atypical machines, participate in the development of hybrid drives, and offer their clients housing in above-standard residential projects.

We believe that the traditional “old economy” business is here to stay. Our ambition is always to move it at least one level higher than it was when we entered it.

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The Winning Group philosophy is based on selecting the best managers, creative personalities with whom it cooperates in successful projects. This approach ensures that the holding keeps growing.


21. 3. 2021

You can learn more about Sebastian Wagner, his company Winning Group and the connection in the automotive industry with Křetinský and EPI in the article WIN-WIN GAME, which was published in the magazine Forbes / 03.

9. 1. 2021

Winning Group and EP industries have bought the German company SONA BLW in a joint venture. It will be integrated into the existing company holding under the name Winning Automotive.

8. 12. 2020

EP INDUSTRIES TO PARTNER IN WINNING AUTOMOTIVE 8th of December 2020 Remscheid / Germany, Prague / Czech Republic and Brno / Czech Republic