About us

The annual doubling of growth at Winning Group is thanks to a diverse group of top managers and experts from various fields and countries. Whether we have been successfully operating in our field for over twenty years or our career has just taken off at Winning Group, we have one thing in common – a passion for traditional business and, above all, a desire to build our own project. A project that means something to us and into which we put all our know-how.

The people at Winning Group are much more entrepreneurs than just employees.

We are not in the habit of speculating and we are not financiers. We are industrialists with our feet firmly on the ground. Hence we are letting the holding grow naturally on realistic, stable foundations. Our goal is simple – to move our companies forwards, together with the whole of their segments. The group’s philosophy is our greatest competitive advantage. We do not allow ourselves to be bound by corporate structures and we give rigid thinking a wide berth. You will never hear us say that something cannot be improved.

The traditional “old economy” business is here to stay. Our ambition is to always push it at least one level higher than it was when we entered it. Together with our investors, we are ready for another ten to fifteen years of growth and acquisitions.