31. 8. 2018

Startup employing students uses individual approach

Prague, 12th June 2018 – Higher education students are a very important target group for many HR professionals, marketers and other managers in different types of companies. Young people who are currently in job training and are preparing to start their careers play a key role in the future of many companies. They are end-users in the B2C segment, potential new employees and often also future decision makers in business in the area of B2B. There are many ways to reach out to students, but not all provide the desired outcome. Among those really effective is the Tiskelník project, which attracts the attention of students with the high added value of the advertising format targeted specifically at them.

Tiskelník is attractive for students because it saves them money and time. The principle is very different, for example, from journals that the reader has to buy and then often reads only small parts of. Tiskelník, on the other hand, supplies students with printed materials they really need – textbooks and other study materials, while still completely free. Printing, binding and shipping of printouts to students is funded from advertisements that businesses can specifically place in the textbook precisely for the type of students they need to reach – by industry, area of interest or geographic area. Advertisers are presented as sponsors ensuring that students get their textbooks for free. This also greatly enhances the perception of brand awareness, since it is in fact an indirect financial support. In addition, the sponsors’ announcements do not disturb the students’ studying, because they are only placed on the envelope and page footers. In any case, the textbook content structure is not disturbed in any way.

The key advantage is not only the very specific targeting according to the student’s field of study but also the intensity of the impact due to the increased attention of the student to the advertising message. Students learn from the textbook and when they see the ad, their brain is highly active. However, advertising in print or on TV can hit you when your attention is completely blurred,” explains Sebastian Wagner, creator of the idea and founder of the startup.

Although it may seem that Tiskelník is solely a paper matter, it is far from that. The resulting medium that carries the advertising to the students is a paper textbook, but the team uses all means of modern communication to reach the students to promote the service. “We are in daily contact with the students, especially through Facebook, but also by phone and in person, to be able to respond to their needs and determine what offers would be of interest to them. As a result, we can also define to sponsors which group of students is the most appropriate target for their campaigns. The argument that young people do not print anything anymore does not apply here. The opposite is true, and our statistics show that textbooks are printed by students of all disciplines, from art history to IT. Everybody knows that books are easier to read when you have them physically in front of you and you can make notes, etc.” continues Sebastian Wagner with the list of benefits.

The sponsors have the opportunity to reach more than 13,000 clients via Tiskelník, and the number is currently increasing by approximately 400 new entrants every day. Our happy customers include brands such as ČEPS, Raiffeisenbank, Robert Bosch, Kiwi.com, INVIA or FlixBus, whose representative Roman Sterly says: “We have reached a total of 500 students with our limited offer of cheap bus tickets through Tiskelník. The campaign ran on the principle of unique codes for each student, and the offer was used by 7% of customers. This is a very good success rate, and it’s not just the 7%, but also their acquaintances and friends, with whom they share their good experience with FlixBus services. After the good experience, we expanded our cooperation to another 4,000 units.”

Among the types of businesses for which Tiskelník is best suited to reach out to students are any companies with narrow specializations looking for interns or staff, but also restaurants, fitness and wellness centres, tourism and lifestyle companies. The most popular formats are various vouchers that students like to use in abundance.

Since students’ needs change in time, the Tiskelník team includes college students who know best what their classmates are interested in. One of them is the twenty-four-year-old Radka, who studies at Masaryk University in Brno: “I learned about Tiskelník from a classmate. I liked the concept very much, so when I found their ad looking for graphic designers in a textbook, I did not hesitate. My job suits me because it corresponds to my time options during my full-time study – working hours are flexible and I can partially use home office. This is the ideal mode for creative work, because ideas never come on demand,” smiles Radka.

How does Tiskelník for students work?

The service is based on a simple principle – a student of any higher education institution in the Czech Republic registers at www.tiskelnik.cz and then uploads his/her study materials to the application. In total, each student can print documents from 30 to 180 colour pages on 80g/m paper every month. Tiskelník will also ensure a high-quality wire-ring bonding and delivery to a selected Zásilkovna.cz dispensary throughout the Czech Republic. All this is free for students, so it saves not only money but also time – the print is done within three days of ordering and then handed over to a carrier.

For more information visit www.tiskelnik.cz

11. 7. 2019

On June 27, 2019, the reconstructed building of Paar's chateau in Pohořelice was inaugurated. There were many visitors from the ranks of the city management, representatives of various institutions, citizens of Pohořelice and of course our team.

30. 5. 2019

We cordially invite you to the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed Paar's mansion building. The grand opening will take place on June 27, 2019 at 16:00 at Paarův zámeček, Lidická 12, Pohořelice.