Special products.

Winning People s.r.o.


We are a company focusing on quality printing for students. Our main activity is the www.tiskelnik.cz service, providing students with free printing sponsored by potential employers or advertising companies. We connect students with companies while providing them with high-quality and cost-effective printing. We also offer premium printing and binding of diploma and bachelor’s theses. The company’s goal is to extend its services as a job agency.

Winning Gastro s.r.o


We are a company operating the Vittorio restaurant, focusing on Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers a pleasant sitting not only inside the restaurant, but also in the garden or in the well-stocked Wine Bar. The restaurant has been in operation since September 2019.

Winning Service s.r.o


We are a security agency specializing in personal protection. We have been taking care of our customers’ security and protection for more than 5 years, but we are no longer a novice in the field of security agencies. We tie in with the activities of the security agency BS PAMIR s.r.o. which has been operating successfully since 1997. We carefully select our employees, train and control them.