Our segments


Engineering is without doubt the strongest segment in terms of performance, expertise, and the vision of our CEO Sebastian Wagner. In a relatively short time, we have grown into a strong player in this sector supplying elite customers, primarily in the German market.

The cornerstone of the engineering pillar was laid by our engineering team from Winning Steel, which specialises, among other things, in designing atypical machines and automation for engineering production, and in the development of hybrid gearboxes. It was however particularly the acquisition of the German Winning BLW that significantly expanded our scope with expertise in the manufacture of precision forged parts for passenger and freight vehicles, and industrial applications.

The rich experience of many of our top managers predestines the engineering segment to become the Winning Group flagship, in terms of both economic results and innovation.





Historically the first – and still today the most important – Winning Group pillar is our focus on construction. Our professional management, and primarily our clear vision, has enabled us to build – practically from nothing – a construction contractor with a range from special foundations through reinforced concrete structures to general supplies.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services through three companies. Winning PS – stavební firma constructs buildings and provides reconstruction and repair services. Winning PS – Pamstav specialises in reinforced concrete monolithic structures that it supplies to the largest construction projects in the Czech Republic. Winning PS – PMK Drill supplies pile foundations for buildings and design studies for deep foundations.

The Winning PS team enjoys challenges and seeks to create interesting projects for top investors. The construction holding thus remains the mainstay of the entire group and is ready for further growth, whether through acquisitions or expansion into new markets or segments, such as linear constructions like railways and roads.



We have created one of the largest Czech design offices in Winning Steel, whose engineers perform structural analysis primarily for large structures on the German market, which is served by our Winning Deutschland sales office.

Our young, multilingual team, with a year-on-year increase of up to twenty new designers, is involved in major projects such as a particle accelerator and a 28-storey skyscraper. We can handle any CAD project from construction, design, and 3D modelling to the delivery of technical drawings.

We deliver our clients with excellent products at an international standard, with ninety percent of them repeatedly returning to Winning Steel.




Our construction segment is naturally complemented by a strong development division. Winning Estate works to provide direct, fair, and advantageous real estate sales for our clients without any intermediaries. As with other segments, in real estate we also pay extra attention to solid foundations, meaning flawless work from design to implementation.

As a developer and concurrently a general contractor, we have maintained excellent long-term relations with both subcontractors, which we select according to their quality and reliability, and with end customers as a partner on whom they can unconditionally rely.

Every year we pay special attention to one or two residential projects of above-standard quality; we are also planning to expand our scope to include industrial real estate.







Special products

None of the pillars reflects our enthusiasm and desire to take on new challenges as much as special products. We take efforts to give free rein to initiative and imagination at Winning Group, and so from time to time also focus on projects we consider original, beneficial, or simply fun.

Our tireless team at Winning Gastro has thus built up the best restaurant in Brno from nothing, Winning Service provides solid working conditions for over one hundred workers on disability pensions, and Winning People has applied clever symbiosis to satisfy student demand for cheap study materials, as well as the needs of advertisers and recruitment agencies.

We give a clear “yes” to start-ups at Winning Group if we think they make sense and see evidence of sufficient motivation.