Our companies.

Winning Steel s.r.o.


We are a design company specializing in static calculations and designing of mechanical engineering structures. Our main focus is on exports to the German, Swiss and Austrian markets with the aim of expanding to other foreign markets. Our clients are able to provide excellent international services based on experience from abroad. Our experienced multilingual team will help you with any CAD project from design, 3D-modelling to delivery of technical drawings. We employ 50 designers, with the goal of expanding our team up to five times by 2020.

PAMSTAV s.r.o.


We are a construction company specializing in reinforced concrete monolithic structures and tiling work. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field. The area of our business, originally mainly Brno and Prague, is expanding to other regions of the Czech Republic. The aim of our company is to become one of the leading Czech builders of monolithic structures. Our quickly growing sales in just two years from the initial 40 million to the current 500 million CZK per year also indicate gradual fulfilment of this challenge.

Winning Estate s.r.o.


We are a developer building houses. We are well aware of the importance of excellent reputation in our industry. That is why our philosophy is to provide reliable services in the construction of high quality apartment buildings. Our goal is to realize 1-2 development projects in the Brno region and its surroundings every year.

Winning People s.r.o.


We are a company focusing on quality printing for students. Our main activity is the www.tiskelnik.cz service, providing students with free printing sponsored by potential employers or advertising companies. We connect students with companies while providing them with high-quality and cost-effective printing. We also offer premium printing and binding of diploma and bachelor’s theses. The company’s goal is to extend its services as a job agency. 

Winning Service s.r.o


We are a security agency specializing in physical guarding. We have been protecting our clients for over 5 years, but we are no newcomers in the field of security agencies. We have taken up the good work of BS PAMIR security firm established in 1997. We carefully select, train and check our employees.

KALÁB – stavební firma, s.r.o


We are a family construction company, which since 1993 has completed more than 500 small and large buildings. Since its foundation, we have been committed to making our customers and suppliers feel good about each other for a long time. In February 2019, the company became part of the Winning Group a.s.

Winning Gastro s.r.o


We are a Vittorio restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant will be open from September 2019.