Winning Steel s.r.o.


We are a design company specializing in static calculations and designing of mechanical engineering structures. Our main focus is on exports to the German, Swiss and Austrian markets with the aim of expanding to other foreign markets. Our clients are able to provide excellent international services based on experience from abroad. Our experienced multilingual team will help you with any CAD project from design, 3D-modelling to delivery of technical drawings. We employ 50 designers, with the goal of expanding our team up to five times by 2020.

Winning BLW


We are a manufacturing company focusing on precision fittings – especially for cars, trucks and industrial applications. We have a wide range of technologies that provide customers with effective solutions. Precisely forged parts provide the optimal combination of functional requirements placed by modern high-performance drives on parts design and safety, along with maximizing quality and minimizing costs. Emphasis is placed primarily on high-precision components using a combination of hot forging and cold forming.