15. 4. 2020

Sebastian Wagner, Chairman of the Winning Group Holding Board, gave an interview on the topic of the coronavirus crisis in the Czech Republic and Germany. He spoke about the differences in government measures against this crisis in individual countries and their impact on the overall crisis. He also mentioned the risks of the crisis at Winning Group and measures in the company.

The whole interview can be found at: https://www.bo.de/lokales/offenburg/sebastian-wagner-verfolgt-die-corona-krise-in-zwei-laendern

21. 3. 2021

You can learn more about Sebastian Wagner, his company Winning Group and the connection in the automotive industry with Křetinský and EPI in the article WIN-WIN GAME, which was published in the magazine Forbes / 03.

9. 1. 2021

Winning Group and EP industries have bought the German company SONA BLW in a joint venture. It will be integrated into the existing company holding under the name Winning Automotive.

8. 12. 2020

EP INDUSTRIES TO PARTNER IN WINNING AUTOMOTIVE 8th of December 2020 Remscheid / Germany, Prague / Czech Republic and Brno / Czech Republic